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Therese Lugano

BA in Community Development, Bachelor in Legal Business, 

CHS Mid-County

AFHHO President

Ms. Lugano is a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and she grew up in a multilingual environment. She immigrated to the United States 14 Years ago. As a former legislator in her home country, she brought with her a love of empowering her community members. She has become involved in diverse activities, such as serving on advisory boards and committees that advocate on behalf of Africans. She organizes workshops for diverse organizations such as Togo Core, AWC, and African Family Holistic Health organization. Therese was a co-founder and member of the first advisory Board of the African Women’s Coalition. Therese is the Board president of the African Family Holistic Health organization. She also serves as member of the city advisory board of the Parks and Recreation Budget board and the RCWAC/DHS advisor board. She was among the African leaders who helped create Africa House.  Therese is passionate about empowering her communities and advocating for the underserved limited English proficient population.

Louise Duru


Moses Davis

Vice President

Adrienne Mulumba


Harold Odiambo

Board Member